L.A. Women

To highlight another book in our exhibition : Je est un autre: The vernacular in photobooks Kermican Goren writes about Joachim Schmid’s book: L.A. Women:

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Joachim Schmid’s 2011 publication LA Women deals with the darkness of a collection of found images. Presenting his viewers with portraits of women, we are told that the archive’s origins are from that of a “serial murder suspect”. It is unclear who took these images, who their subjects are, and if these individuals happen to be dead or alive. “From the testimony of one surviving victim we know that the woman was first photographed, then shot…” Much like some of the other publications in the show, we are given little information about the images we see. Schmid however provides us with a context around the collection, approaching the discourse on death from a more literal standpoint. One can question a lot of the images they will encounter in this show in the rhythm of whether their previous owner’s have long passed or if an original meaning or intent has too? Yet in the case of LA Women, such questions seemingly take a back seat whilst we try to distinguish between faces of death.

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